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Cardamom Drops

Our little cardamom or as we call “elaichi” is part of all our houses in India.

Cardamon is called the “Mother of all Spices” and do you know why because cardamom has the word “mom” in it. The real truth is that cardamom is the world’s 3 rd most expensive natural spice after vanilla and saffron. Cardamom comes in black (Amomum subulatum) and green (Elettaria cardamomum). Green cardamom is often referred to as "real cardamom". It has an intensive aromatic flavour and taste that comes with healing powers. At Liv in nature, we provide the purest concentrated form of cardamom extract to its customers. 2 to 3 drops have the potential to provide all its maximum goodness to you. Remember that a little goes a long way. Isn’t that marvellous?

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Cardamom belongs to the same botanical family as ginger and turmeric. Cardamom is also one of the world’s oldest spices, having been cultivated for more than 4000 years. It was popular in the ancient civilisations of Rome, Egypt and Greece. Cardamom accounts for 3% of the total global spice trade. Ancient people believed cardamom had supernatural powers and that it could drive out evil spirits. According to Chinese tradition, the consumption of cardamom tea is the secret to long life.
There are about a dozen seeds per pod, and 10 pods will produce about 1 1/2 teaspoons of powdered cardamom. Cardamom drops are extracted from the seeds found inside the Cardamom pods. Each drop of this product can provide a benefit equal to the contents found in 3 full cardamom pods.
Try doing the math! It has a strong taste and an intense smell. Both, the seeds and the pod have a rich aroma and are often used in desserts, hot and spicy dishes, as well as aromatic beverages like coffee, and tea. To incorporate our Cardamom drops into your daily life, do check out the delicious and unique D.I. Y recipes are below. Our Cardamom drops are a great source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Other nutrients include calcium, potassium, Vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Cardamom is also rich in manganese which is a vital element for improving bone density, connective tissue and sex hormones, fat metabolism, calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation. Cardamom is great for 6month+babies. It helps in relieving constipation. It can be consumed by children, adults and elderly people.


● Great digestive aid
● Diuretic detoxification
● Breathe freshener
● Mental health benefits
● Respiratory relief
● Supports sexual health
● Anti-ageing properties

Cardamom is highly recommended in Ayurveda. Green cardamom is often used to treat infections of the teeth and gums. It is also used to treat throat problems, congestion of the lungs, inflammation of eyelids and also digestive disorders. Interestingly, in earlier times it was used as an antidote against the poison of certain snake bites.

Cardamom is tridoshic i.e., it is good for balancing all three doshas. It is considered an excellent digestive, especially beneficial in reducing bloating and intestinal gas. It is excellent for balancing Kapha, particularly in the stomach and the lungs. It is also useful for pacifying Vata. Due to its strong flavour, cardamom seeds are used as a mouth freshener to receive instant freshness. Do you sometimes feel thirsty even after enough water? Then this spice is your saviour. Add a few drops to your water and it will quench your thirst. Experience how it helps you with understanding your physical hunger supports digestion of food, and the feeling of drinking water frequently. It has excellent anti-oxidant properties that help with skin and hair. It is used in treating blood pressure, asthma, and indigestion. Studies showed that cardamom is an effective agent in lowering LDL as well as total cholesterol levels.

Cardamom stimulates the inner spiritual sense.   It helps open and balance the Sacral Chakra and the Heart Chakra. Balancing our Sacral Chakra helps in providing clarity with matters of love and inner sensuality. It helps a person feel comfortable in their skin. When our Heart Chakra is open and balanced it allows us to be generous and loving.

Now that we know the amazing healing properties of Cardamom. Let us look at how wonderful a remedy it is in supporting our mental health. Cardamom’s captivating aroma and flavour are effective treatments for depression and anxiety. Quercetin is a flavonoid compound within cardamom, believed to be responsible for such a powerful effect.

Do you also want to avoid the hassle of removing the seeds from cardamom pods? That’s when our cardamom drops come as a saviour into your kitchens. Make use of our cardamom drops and try out some exciting D.I.Y recipes to get all the goodness of cardamom. Cardamom drops can be used to replace vanilla extract in a wide range of food and beverages including cakes, cookies and ice cream. Try adding this flavour to pancake or waffle batter too. Cardamom is a great syrup flavour for tea & coffee.

Cardamom drops must be consumed in moderation. Anything used in excess can have harmful effects. Keep it safely and away from children and pets to avoid any unforeseen situations. Avoid contact with the eyes or ears. If you notice any discomfort/allergies or irritation please discontinue using this product. Do not substitute any ongoing medication with this product and always consult an ayurvedic practitioner/GP before choosing the appropriate essential oil/product for your unique individual constitution and health condition. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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