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Tulsi Drops

Tulsi A superfood for the body and skin is an ancient plant medicine used for thousands of years. It is a sacred plant with therapeutic benefits and a blessing for all age groups.

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is commonly known as holy basil. It is a perennial plant found in India that has green leaves. The leaves are aromatic with a strong scent and a pungent taste. Rama Tulsi has green leaves and white or light purple flowers. It has the spicy aroma of cloves like the Krishna tulsi but has a mild flavour. It has a history within Indian medicine as a treatment for many conditions and is considered a tonic for the body, mind, and spirit. Tulsi, has historically, been used to make healing teas, and oils, for treating everything from joint pain to headaches, digestive issues, infections, skin wounds, congestion, and the flu. It has even been used to help lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, and promote overall longevity. Tulsi is cooling and soothing in nature which enhances its excellent anti- inflammatory properties to work well in warding off skin irritations, small wounds, and acne.

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Tulsi is called the “Elixir of life” and has been adopted into numerous daily rituals, religious ceremonies, and everyday Ayurvedic practices. Even to this day, in India people grow tulsi plants at home to honour their spiritual and practical significance.
Tulsi is rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, zinc, and iron and is said to have strong antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. It is widely recognized as an adaptogen, a natural substance that can help your body manage stress, physically and mentally. Tulsi is well known for its essential oils, including compounds like eugenol and limonene which possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
When the British came to India, they were plagued by mosquito menace and hence planted Tulsi and Neem all around their bungalows. They called tulsi, a mosquito plant. Tulsi, not just wards off mosquitoes and insects, but in Hindu mythology, it is also believed to be a ward against evil spirits and ghosts.
The morning ritual of drinking tulsi tea (caffeine-free) is often called “Liquid Yoga” because it has the same impact as a morning yoga session – it promotes clarity and well-being.

Tulsi is known for its never-ending list of medicinal properties:
1. Rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are the molecules which are produced by the body in response to various radiations or environmental stress. It, therefore, relieves diabetes and hypertension.
2. Benefits for the skin and hair. It is also known to contain triterpenoid ursolic acid which is used in the prevention and treatment of various skin diseases like itching, ringworm, etc. It is known for its anti-ageing properties and is therefore used as an anti-wrinkle to enhance skin elasticity. Tulsi is every person’s best friend because it helps clear out skin scars, and blemishes and helps prevent acne. The antifungal properties of Tulsi prevent the growth of fungus and keep a dry, flaky and unhealthy scalp at bay.
3. Remedy for fever. It acts as an antibiotic, antiviral and anti-carcinogen. It is used for the adjunctive treatment of hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue and swine flu.
4. It helps to improve the immune system and also improves digestion.
5. It is an adaptogen, therefore helping to regulate cortisol, a stress hormone in our bodies hence alleviating stress or adapting our bodies to stress.
6. It also acts as an insect repellent.
7. It is known to decrease the risks of kidney infections as it regulates the uric acid levels in the body.
8. If taken moderately, consumption of tulsi drops (gargling) is said to improve gum health and prevent mouth ulcers.
9. Drinking Tulsi tea or a decoction of Tulsi helps fight symptoms of asthma and other respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis.
10. Helps maintain cholesterol levels- Regular consumption of tulsi can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range.
11. Helps with healthy weight management. The apoptogenic properties of tulsi boost metabolism, support healthy circulation, promote healthy heart function, and aid in weight loss. In Ayurveda, the regular consumption of tulsi as a health tonic is linked to healthy weight management.
12. Tulsi is rich in Vitamin C as well as zinc which makes it a natural immunity booster. It is loaded with phytonutrients which possess anti-inflammatory, anti- oxidative and anti-carcinogenic properties. Phytonutrients boost immunity and intercellular communication and aids in the repair of DNA damage.

Tulsi is called the most sacred plant on earth in the ancient Vedic Puranas (sacred Ayurvedic texts). The plant is predominantly Kapha-reducing, but it can also be used to pacify Vata and Pitta. It can, however, have a mildly Pitta-aggravating effect on people who are severely overheated. For excess Vata, Ginger and Tulsi herbal tea helps support the lungs and immune system while warming the body.

Tulsi is high in sattva—the principle of light, perception, and clarity. Ayurveda encourages us to welcome in sattvic energy whenever possible to promote these qualities within ourselves. Tulsi is also said to increase and protect Ojas and prana, two subtle forces in the body. Ojas promote joy, vigour, and a healthy immune system, while prana is the body's vital life force, which supports intelligence, communication, and perception. Ayurveda promotes the use of Tulsi as a health tonic.

Tulsi drops are known to be useful for balancing and aligning all chakras, and more specifically:
Solar Plexus: The solar plexus chakra is located in the centre of the belly and governs the physical functions of the stomach. Tulsi helps to regulate metabolism and digestion.
Throat: Tulsi allows us to be in tune with our inner self and inner truth Physically, Tulsi assists with the oral health of the teeth and gums and bacteria in the mouth.
Crown Chakra: Tulsi provides mental clarity. The oil also purifies the air, mind, body, and spirit, creating a space where one can relax, breathe, and meditate.

Step 1: Shake well Before use

Step 2: Squeeze 1-2 Drops In a ready cup of tea or any food and beverage

Step-3: Stir well & enjoy the goodness of nature with every sip

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